Searching of calculation

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Searching of calculation

In case of more intensive use of calculations the volume of *.xls calculation files with various alternatives of solutions or files determinated for various project will be increasing. This tool is determinated for simple retrieval of a calculation and easy orientation among the calculation *.xls files and enables:

  1. Searching through the complete directory structure including hidden sub-directories.
  2. Uploading of all pieces of information from calculation headers into a well-arranged table.
  3. Simple filtration and searching according to the entered parameters.
  4. Fast opening of the selected file / calculation.

Control, structure and syntax of calculations.

Information on the syntax and control of the calculation can be found in the document "Control, structure and syntax of calculations".

Procedure of searching.

The procedure with the first searching of documents will be as follows:

  1. Set the directories, which will be searched, using the button "Add the path into the list of directories" [2].
  2. Upload pieces of information from headers of all found calculations - searching can be initiated using the button "Search the highlighted - fill the table" [2].
  3. Enable the Automatic filter using the button "Automatic filter Yes/No" [2].
  4. Set the searching conditions in the filters and find the desired document.
  5. Set the cursor in the table on the document and using the button "Open" [1] open it.
Hint: Save the workbook with the filled table. In case of a next searching it will not be necessary to search and open all found *.xls files, which is very time demanding.

Information on calculation. [1]

This paragraph shows all pieces of information from the header of the calculation, in which the cursor is positioned in the Table of found calculations [3]. The calculation, whose header data can be seen in this paragraph, can be opened using the button "Open" in the right lower corner.

Setting of searched directories, uploading of pieces of information from calculations. [2]

Setting of searching parameters, initialisation of searching and enabling of the Filtrating algorithm of Excel can be made in this paragraph.

2.1 List of searched directories.

In the left side of this paragraph you can find a table, in which you enter all directories to be searched. The searching algorithm searches the ordered directories including all sub-files. The path to the root directory can be entered into the blank field or press the button "Add the path to the list of directories" and select the root directory in the shown dialog. The selected directory is added to the first free position.

Example: On the disk C: you can find a directory "MyProjects", which includes sub-directories "Project-A", "Project-B", "Project-C". Enter "C:\MyProjects" into the list of searched directories. After initialisation of searching there will also be searched the directory "MyProjects" including all sub-directories "Project-X".

2.2 Searching.

The searching algorithm passes successively through all root files in the list, which are provided with the indicator of searching [2.2]. If the algorithm finds a file *.xls in the searched directory (including all sub-directories), examines it to find a workbook of calculations. If yes, all information in the header of the calculation is copied into one row of the "Table of calculations" [3].

If the searched file is protected by a password, you are asked to enter this password in the course of the searching procedure.

Hint: In case of a great volume of the searched files *.xls the procedure may take quite a long time. It is therefore advisable to save the file with results of searching and repeat searching only occasionally.

2.3 Removal of the table.

Pushing of the button deletes all records in the table of found calculations.

2.4 Automatic filter Yes/No.

The button enables/disables the Automatic filter function. After enabling the header of the table of found calculations shows small buttons. After pressing of the button you can set the filter according to your requirements, hence to specify which rows will be displayed. For example, you can retrieve all calculations of any type of transmissions with the input power 2kW/HP or all calculations related to the standard DIN.

Hint: The automatic filter is a very powerful tool of the MS Excel. More information on its use can be found in the original documentation of the MS Excel.

Table of found calculations. [3]

The table includes information from the headers of all found calculations. One row - one calculation. In case you select any cell in this table, the row, running through the selected cell, is yellow colored. Information in the highlighted row is transferred into the first paragraph [1].

Setting calculations, change the language.

Information on setting of calculation parameters and setting of the language can be found in the document "Setting calculations, change the language".

Workbook modifications (calculation).

General information on how to modify and extend calculation workbooks is mentioned in the document "Workbook (calculation) modifications".

Supplements - This calculation:

Except modifications of the width or height of the rows we do not recommend any other modifications in this workbook.