MITCalc Integrated environment.

Table of Content:

MITCalc Integrated environment.

The integrated environment can be used for beginning individual calculations and setting the global parameters of calculations.

Start of the integrated environment.

If you wish to use the integrated environment, the MITCalc.xla Add-In must be installed into the environment of MS Excel first. The installation can be started by clicking on the item "MITCalc Add-In Installation" in the Start Menu of Windows. The integrated environment can then be started using one of the following ways:

  1. From the Start Menu - the "MITCalc" command
  2. From the Excel Tools - the "MITCalc"command
  3. From the MITCalc pull-down menu in the Excel main menu – "MITCalc Integrated environment" command
  4. From the active calculation - using the button in the upper left corner of the sheet called "Calculation"
Note: A detailed description on how to install the Add-In can be found in the appropriate chapter.

Start of calculation.

Choose the appropriate group of calculations in the pop-up menu. The list of calculations is shown in the window under the pop-up menu. The chosen calculation can be started by double-clicking on its name or by selecting it and pressing the "Start" button.

Note: After starting the chosen calculation the dialog of the integrated environment is closed.


Setting a global language

Setting a language can be done by selecting the respective button in this dialog. Pressing the "OK" button initiates translation of the dialog of the MITCalc integrated environment. At the same time there is set a global attribute and any other calculation that is started will be then governed by this setting and by starting it, the translation is also initiated.

Warning: Setting a global language only affects the installed calculations. In copies of the calculations saved under a different name, this setting has no effects and the calculation will be started with the language that was set in the calculation last time is was saved.

Addition/deletion of a MITCalc item in the Excel menu

Checking the first box in this dialog decides the placement of a "MITCalc" command in the Excel menu. If the check box is enabled, pressing the "OK" button adds a "MITCalc" command into the Excel "Tools" pop-up menu. The dialog of the Integrated environment can then be started using this command. In order to remove the "MITCalc" command from the menu, the check box must be disabled.

Adding/removing the complete menu of the MITCalc program to Excel.

The "MITCalc" pull-down menu can be added to the main menu of Excel by setting of the second check box This menu can then serve to start directly all the calculations. If you want to remove the "MITCalc" pull-down menu from the Excel menu, the check box must be put off.


Pressing the "Help" button opens the main help window.

About the program.

Pressing the "About the program" button opens a dialog with information on the current version of the program or on the version of the last installed extending packet (Update). Clicking on the highlighted text "" advances the user to the web pages of MITCalc.