Information about the project.

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Information about the project.

Most of the calculations include a uniform header that:

Why fill out the header.

The calculations that have to be performed will mostly relate to a particular problem or solve several alternatives of the given problem. This increases the demand for orientation and data retrieval. Therefore, the main sheet of the calculation includes a header - "Information about the project", which contains a field for entering basic information on the solver, project and performed calculation. These pieces of information can be then processed by your company's data management system or the enclosed tool for retrieval of data / calculation called "Filesearch" (filesearch.xls). The "Filesearch" application can sort data from headers of all the found calculations into a well-arranged table and work with this table.

Hint: The delivered sample template can be used for particular calculation tables *.xls. This template contains a header and all the necessary interconnections and settings.

Filling in data in the header.

Automatic filling - If the check box with the password is enabled, the values from the calculation and attributes of properties of the document (Menu-> File -> Properties) are filled automatically.

Manual filling - If the check box is disabled, the color of the cell changes to white and you can enter your own data.

Interconnection with the PDM system.

The calculation workbook has defined user attributes (Menu: File -> Properties->User). The names of attributes begin with the prefix "MITCalc_" and continue with the particular English name. The user attributes MITCalc_xxx are interconnected with information in the calculation header. This means that if anything is changed in the calculation header, the particular user attribute is changed immediately as well. These attributes can be uploaded into the data management systems, then sorted and used for data retrieval accordingly.

Hint: If you have already been using some data management system, contact the responsible person about interconnection possibilities.

Contents of MITCalc_xxx Attributes:

MITCalc_ProjectName Project name
MITCalc_ProjectDate Date
MITCalc_ProjectNumber Project number (documentation, drawing, etc.)
MITCalc_ProjectNotes Project notes
MITCalc_ProjectInfo Basic information (Loading, basic dimensions, standard)
MITCalc_ProjectAuthorName Author's name
MITCalc_ProjectID Internal identifier of the calculation with the form NAME_XX (XX-version)