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MITCalc version 1.76

Decin, Czech Republic, 11/15/2020


Engineering calculations MITCalc - extensions and modifications into version 1.76


Power screw

Design and check of power screws

This program (algorithm) is used to design and check power screws. It is used to solve the following tasks:

- Calculation of kinematic parameters (speed, torque, revolutions and power output...)
- Simple selection / definition of power screw (metric, square, trapezoidal...)
- Screw check for tensile/pressure, thrust, bend, buckling and critical revolutions.
- The program contains a table of materials, threads and friction coefficients.
- Support of 2D CAD systems.

The calculation is based on data, procedures and algorithms from specialized literature and AGMA, ISO, DIN and BS standards.

List of standards: (ISO 68-1, 68-2, ISO 724, ISO 965, ISO 2904: 1977, DIN 513, CSN 01 4050, CSN 01 4052, ANSI/ACME B1.5-1977, ANSI/ACME B1.9-1973, ASME B1.1-2003, IS 4694-1968....)

Literature: Mechanical engineering design (Konstruování strojních součástí), Textbook of Machine Design, Machinery’s Handbook 26th Edition, Části a mechanismy strojů.


Ball screws.

Design, calculation and check of ball screws

This program (algorithm) is used to design, calculate and check ball screws. It is used to solve the following tasks:

- Preliminary design (minimum input parameters – sufficient to navigate and select from catalogs)
- Detailed analysis (load, dimensions, parameter check)
- Load spectrum table definition (speed, torque, revolutions and power output...)
- Calculation of an equivalent load
- Service life calculation, tolerances, temperature analysis
- Tensile/Pressure, thrust, bend, buckling and critical revolutions
- Lubrication proposal and efficiency calculation
- The program contains tables of screws according to ISO and ANSI
- Support of 2D CAD systems

The calculation is based on data, procedures and algorithms from specialized literature and AGMA, ISO, DIN and BS standards.

List of standards: ISO 3408-1:2006; ISO 3408-2: 1991; ISO 3408-3:2006; ISO 3408-4:2006; ISO 3408-5:2006; ISO 286-2:2010; DIN ISO 3408; JIS B1192-1997; JIS B1192-2018; DIN 69051-5; ANSI B5.48

Company cataloques: THK, PMI, KSK, NSK, SKF, HIWIN, KURODA, NOOK, THOMSON, Steinmayer, MANESMAN


Thermal Properties of Materials

Influence of temperature on selected material parameters.

This workbook contains information defining the effect of temperature on some physical and mechanical properties of materials used in the engineering industry. Using this tool the following tasks can be solved:

- Calculation of the linear coefficient of thermal expansion and elongation of the component for the given heating process.
- Elongation of a group of components made of various materials arranged into a linear chain.
- Calculation of the modulus of elasticity for the given temperature.
- The database contains approximately 700 metallic materials used in mechanical engineering.

List of standards: EN 1561, EN 1563, EN 16079, EN 1753, EN 10088-1, EN 10095, EN 10269, EN 10302


Calculation extensions, modifications and updates

Rolling bearings – the possibility to calculate and compare the service life of an equivalent bearing supplied by another manufacturer has been added

Bolted connection, Spring calculations – refinement of the empirical model used in determining the physical properties of materials based on temperature

Welded connections – redesign of calculation controls with the intention to improve workbook compatibility with different versions of MS Excel

Pinned couplings – for some types of connection, the maximum permissible number of pins in the connection has been increased

- Update of support of all 2D/3D CAD system (AutoCAD, Inventor, SolidWorks, SolidEdge).
- New instructional videos: here


New versions of MITCalc are available for download here.


About MITCalc

MITCalc is a multi-language mechanical and technical calculation package. It includes solutions for gears, belt and chain drives, bearings, springs, beam, shaft, bolt connection, shaft connection, tolerances, welding and many other mechanical parts. The calculations are compatible with most types of 2D and 3D CAD systems (AutoCAD®, AutoCAD LT®, IntelliCAD®, Ashlar Graphite®, TurboCAD®, BricsCAD®, Autodesk Inventor®, SolidWorks®, Solid Edge®, Creo®...) , support both Imperial and Metric units, and are processed according to ANSI, ISO, DIN, BS, Japanese and other common standards.

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