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Shaft-design, Deformation, Strength, Safety

The calculation is designed for geometrical designs and complex examinations of shafts.

The software solves the following tasks:

  • Simple definition of installed shafts, including hollow ones.
  • Options of definitions of necking-down, recesses, grooves and calculation of the relevant coefficients of stress concentration.
  • Simple definition of spatial shaft load.
  • Calculation of reactions, courses of forces, moments, stress, deflection and bending angle of the shaft and others.
  • Calculation of critical speed and safety coefficients (dynamic, static).
  • Support of 2D and 3D CAD systems.

The calculation is based on data, procedures, algorithms and data from specialized literature and standards AGMA, ISO, DIN and BS.

List of standards: DIN 743

Shaft-design, deformation, strength, safety Shaft-design, loading of the shaft
Shaft-design, deflection Shaft-design, bending stress
Shaft-design, 2D drawing Shaft-design, 3D model