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Released MITCalc 1.76

Released MITCalc 1.75

Released MITCalc 1.74

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Released MITCalc 1.70a
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News, Awards

11/15/2020  Released the new version of MITCalc1.76 (Power and ball screws, thermal properties of materials...)
05/27/2019  Released the new version of MITCalc1.75 (Bevel, hypoid spur gears - 3D models, next extensions....)
08/30/2018  Released the new version of MITCalc1.74 (Bevel and hypoid gears and next extensions)
07/10/2017  Released the new version of MITCalc1.73 (Bolted connection, Vehicle aerodynamics, External ballistics ....)
04/01/2016  Released the new version of MITCalc1.72 (Gear rack, involute splines, updating the standards, extensions....)
08/29/2014  Released the new version of MITCalc1.70a (New VBA certificate, fixed some problems)
01/21/2014  Released the new version of MITCalc1.70 (Integration of EP08, extensions and fixed some problems)
01/31/2013  Extension Pack EP08 ready for download (Shells)
08/31/2012  Released the new version of MITCalc1.61 (New VBA certificate, fixed some problems)
06/14/2011  Released the new version of MITCalc1.60 (Full support for Excel 2010 plus additional repairs and extensions)
01/10/2010  Released the new version of MITCalc1.51 (Integration of EP07 and SP06 extensions and fixed some problems)
01/28/2009  Extension Pack EP07 ready for download (Plates) + Service Pack SP06
09/15/2008  Released the new version of MITCalc1.50 (Planetary gear, Welded connections, French translation....)
07/03/2007  Released the new version of MITCalc1.40b (Extended functions and fixed problems in Worm gear calculation)
05/21/2007  Released the new version of MITCalc1.40 (Included EP06, Worm gear,....)
12/04/2006  Extension Pack EP06 ready for download (Roller bearings III - INA, FAG)
06/29/2006  Released the new version of MITCalc1.30 (New inner spur gear and new springs,  Included SP05...)
04/17/2006  Service Pack SP05 ready for download
11/16/2005  Released the new version of MITCalc1.22 (Included EP04, EP05, New springs....)
09/20/2005  Released MITCalc for Solid Edge and Extension Pack EP05 (Pinned Couplings)
 07/02/2005  COGRAS spol. s r.o. has developed and introduced a new product MITCalc for Pro/ ENGINEER
07/01/2005  Extension Pack EP04 ready for download (Roller bearings II - Inch)
04/11/2005  Released the new version of MITCalc1.20 (Included EP03, Bevel gear, Bearings, )
02/15/2005  MITCalc became the partner in Autodesk Developer Network
10/15/2004  MITCalc became the partner in SolidWorks Partner Program
09/30/2004  Extension Pack EP03 ready for download (Tolerance analysis, Technical formulas)
04/01/2004  Released the new version of MITCalc1.10 (Included EP01, EP02, SP04 + some bug fix)
03/03/2004  Service Pack SP04 ready for download
03/03/2004  Extension Pack EP02 ready for download (Buckling, Force couplings of shafts with hubs)
02/18/2004  Service Pack SP03 ready for download
01/28/2004  Service Pack SP02 ready for download
01/07/2004  Service Pack SP01 ready for download
11/27/2003  Standalone calculations ready for download.
11/27/2003  Released the connection to SolidWorks (2001Plus, 2003, 2004).
11/27/2003  Added the Tolerance calculation.
11/27/2003  Added the page of useful mechanical and technical links.
11/10/2003  Accepted as a member of the Trialware Professional Association.
09/18/2003  The first version of MITCalc calculation launched.