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The program is intended for a design of a flywheel, its analysis, and determination of dimensions. It also allows to solve a crank mechanism and to determine parameters of asynchronous motors.

The program solves:

  • Design of a moment of inertia for a selected machine.
  • Design of flywheel dimensions based on a required moment of inertia.
  • Calculation of a moment of inertia based on dimensions of a flywheel.
  • Calculation of a moment of inertia of masses with different revolutions (reduced moment of inertia).
  • Calculation of a stress in rotating rings.
  • Calculation of gyroscopic moment.
  • Calculation of a moment of inertia from a load diagram and a required run unevenness.
  • Calculation of coefficient of fluctuation of speed.
  • Design of a flywheel in connection with a motor.
  • Selection and calculation of parameters of approximately 1200 asynchronous electric motors.
  • Crank mechanism solution.

The calculations use data, procedures, algorithms and information from literature, standards, and company catalogues.

[1] Strojně technická příručka (Svatopluk Černoch)
[2] Shigley’s Mechanical Engineering Design
[3] Strojírenská příručka (1992)
[4] Machinery’s Handbook (26th Edition)

Standards: EN 60034-30-1 :20 14
Rotating electrical machines — Part 30-1: Efficiency classes of line operated AC motors (IE code)
Machines Olectriques tournantes — Partie 30-1: Classes de rendement pour les moteurs a courant alternatif alimentés par le réseau (Code IE)
Drehende elektrische Maschinen — Teil 30-1: Wirkungrad-Klassifizierung von netzgespeisten Drehstrommotoren (IE-Code)

Company cataloques:Siemens, ABB Automation Products

Design of the flywheel
Analysis of the flywheel