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Hydrodynamic plain journal bearings

The program is designed for design and control of hydrodynamic radial plain bearing. In the program it is possible to solve other tasks such as lubricant viscosity, shaft and bearing fit tolerances, parameters of friction materials, calculation of bearing clearance, etc.

The program includes and addresses the following:

  • Design of radial plain bearing dimensions based on load and operating conditions.
  • Control calculation of various types of bearings.
  • Bearing clearance design and calculation of bearing and shaft tolerances.
  • Proposal of suitable lubricant, oil database, viscosity calculations.
  • Calculation of operating temperatures, coefficient of friction, lubricant flow and other parameters.
  • Database of sliding materials and their parameters.

The calculation is based on data, procedures and algorithms from specialized literature, standards and company catalogues.

[1] Strojně technická příručka (Svatopluk Černoch)
[2] Shigley’s Mechanical Engineering Design
[3] Strojírenská příručka (1992)
[4] Machinery’s Handbook (26th Edition)
[5] Části a mechanismy strojů II
[6] Tribologie (Jan Bečka)

Standards: ISO 7902, DIN 31652, ISO 2909, ISO 3448, ISO 3547, ISO 12129, ISO 4381, ISO 4382 , ISO 2909, ISO 3448, DIN 504.

Company catalogues: SKF, FAG, INA, Timken, RBC Bearings Incorporated, Tecnamic GmbH...

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