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Brakes and Clutches Calculation

The program is intended for the design, calculation and validation of four basic types of friction brakes and clutches. It also allows the user to determine the kinetic energy and loading moments of the mechanisms.

The program performs following tasks:

  • Calculation of brake loads.
  • Calculation of clutch starting load.
  • Validation of a loaded clutch.
  • Design and validation of:
    • Disc brakes / clutches
    • Cone brakes / clutches
    • Drum brakes / clutches
    • Band brakes / clutches
  • Calculation and temperature validation of the designed brake / clutch.

The calculation uses data, procedures, algorithms and data from specialised literature, standards and company catalogues:

Literature: [1] Clutches and Brakes Design and Selection; [2] Shigley’s Mechanical Engineering Design; [3] Textbook of Machine Design; [4] Brake Design and Safety; [5] Roloff / Matek - Maschinenelemente

Standards: VDI 2241-Blatt 1; VDI 2241-Blatt 2; SAE J866; SAE J661...

Catalogues: Ortlinghaus, Goizper, TAROX, FERODO...

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