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Belt Transmissions - V-Belts

The calculation is designed for geometrical and strength designs of belt transmissions using V-Belts.

The application provides solutions of the following tasks.

  • Calculation for 2 or 3 pulleys.
  • Automatic design of a transmission with the minimum of input requirements.
  • Design and calculation of geometrical parameters (diameters of pulleys, axis distances, length of the belt, weight of the transmission).
  • Calculation of strength parameters (power transferred by the belt, number of belts, efficiency, etc.).
  • Calculation of force conditions (prestressing, axis loading of the pulleys, etc.).
  • Support of 2D and 3D CAD systems.

The application works with CAD systems and includes respective models of pulleys and belts. The calculations use procedures, algorithms and data from basic documents and standards ANSI, RMA (Rubber Manufacturers Association), ISO, DIN, BS, and basic documents from catalogues of companies CONTITECH® and Gates Rubber Company®.

List of standards: Narrow V-Belts ANSI/RMA IP-22, Traditional V-Belts ANSI/RMA IP-20, Light Duty V-Belts ANSI/RMA IP-23, DIN 7753, DIN 2211, DIN 2215, ISO 4184

V-Belts - Recomended type of V-belt V-Belts - Pulley and belts dimensions
V-Belts - 2D Drawing V-Belts - 3D Model